Thursday, 4 August 2016


EXILED Matabeleland Liberation Organisation (MLO) leader Paul Siwela, who skipped bail while on treason charges, is distraught after he failed to come back to Zimbabwe for the funeral of his mother at the weekend.

Siwela said he could not risk returning to the country, as he feared being re-arrested or assassinated.
In an interview with Southern Eye from his unnamed base, Siwela, yesterday said although his heart was bleeding over the death of his mother, he was forced to remain in exile until the political landscape changed.

“I lost my mother and I am very devastated and pained that I could not attend her funeral because the Zimbabwe government could either arrest or kill me for my political convictions, which I am not ready to abandon,” he said.
“I am also told my father is ill. I am very devastated. However, all this does not distract me from my political goals. 

“Zimbabwe has no future for me and the Matebeles and, thus, we are very determined to break away from Zimbabwe regardless of the cost. The means justify the end.”
Siwela, who is facing treason charges, fled the country in 2013 amid reports that State security agents were baying for his blood.

After skipping bail, Siwela wrote to the trial judge, Justice Nicholas Ndou, claiming he skipped the border following attempts on his life.

Part of the letter, dated August 24, 2013, read: “I write to inform you that I received a phone call from an anonymous caller on the midnight of August 17, 2013 warning me of the imminent assassination of my person.

“The caller reminded me of past failed or aborted attempts and that the next attempt was scheduled to be a success and to be effected within the next 24 hours. Several reports in the past were made to Queens Park Police Station and request for police protection was made without success, leaving me with only one option; that is to leave the country.

“Refer to reference Queens Park CR 02/11/11. It must be made clear and be understood that I did not run away from the pending treason trial at the High Court in Bulawayo, but escaped assassination attempts.”
However, Ndou ruled that a warrant of arrest be issued against Siwela and the order still subsists. newsday


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