Tuesday, 9 August 2016


Udates by The Herald
1329: Macheso is now back on stage and the crowd goes wild.
1320: The Air Force of Zimbabwe entertains the crowd with impressive landing of Paratroopers in the National Sports Stadium
 1310: Alick Macheso is now entertaining the crowd
1301: The parade is now marching off.
1257: The National Anthem is now being sung.
1257: The President has finished his speech.
1256: “Our forces are often deployed under the auspices of international bodies like the United Nations….our soldiers without exception have demonstrated the highest level of discipline, they indeed make us proud,”
1251: “Although the war of liberation ended 36 years ago, our country is still faced with remnants of war in the for m o f unexploded ordinates particularly so along our border with Mozambique where our ZDF is involved in demining….they provide support to ZRP in the guarding of the country’s key installations,”
1247: President Mugabe says “This present united army was born out of integration of the previous warring forces of Zanla and Zipra on one side and the Rhodesian forces on the other….the integration was done in an environment that was not only tense but fraught with suspicion,”
1242: Dr Sydney Sekeramayi has returned to the podium and he has asked the President to address the nation.
1208: The parade is now marching in slow and quick time.
1205: The National Anthem is now being sung.
1201: The colours have been presented and the Air Force is now flying over with their own colours while drummers are now collecting the drums they had piled.
1156: President Mugabe is now presenting the colours.
1145: Dr Sekeremayi says the Force has become formidable over the years earning praise and respect in foreign missions. He says the ZDF has prepared an entertaining programme that includes a football  match between ZDF select against Caps United. He assures the nation that the ZDF will remain resolute in defence of the nation’s sovereignty.

He has now invited President Mugabe to present the colours.
1138: He has now invited the Minister of Defence Dr Sydney Sekeremayi.
1137: He says the celebrations are unique because of the presentation of colours which in other words is presentation of flags. They represent a particular formation, regiment or unit as sign of  honour and dedication to duty, they are not ordinary flags. They are commissioned and presented by the Commander in Chief. The first colours were presented immediately after independence in 1980.
1133: Brigadier-General Douglas Nyikayaramba is now on the podium.
1114: The parade is now showcasing “The Piling of Drums” which is part of the military’s tradition.
1100: President Mugabe is now inspecting the parade.


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