Wednesday, 10 August 2016


THE High Court has blocked attempts by Kadoma businessman and Zanu PF national consultative assembly member, Jamaya Muduvuri, to wrest a housing project from its bona fide members using First Lady Grace Mugabe.

Muduvuri had sought to wrest Pixie Combie Phase 1 housing scheme from a committee led by Zanu PF Mashonaland West provincial commissar, Simon Solomon, after he invited the First Lady to tour the project on July 1, 2015, claiming he owned the housing scheme.

After Grace’s tour, Muduvuri was censured by the Pixie Combie Phase 1 executive and ordered to keep his hands off the project.

He, however, hit back through a letter dated September 2015, threatening to dissolve the executive for alleged insubordination and appointing himself patron of the project.

Part of the letter read: “We held a meeting at Kadoma Ranch Hotel with yourself (Solomon), (Kadoma Central MP) Fani Phiri and myself in July soon after the visit of the First Lady and agreed that you should produce a progress report of Pixie Combie. . . as chairman, you have failed to attend meetings, this proved you don’t care.” 

He then wrote another letter advising all beneficiaries of the housing project to deposit $3 000 each into his company, Macsherp Housing and Land Developers account.

But the housing scheme’s executive, through its lawyer, Philip Mbano, filed for an interdict order under case HC12582/15 barring Muduvuri from purporting to be leader of the housing project.

“Muduvuri is not a beneficiary of Pixie Combie Phase 1 and, thus, lacks the capacity to revoke anyone’s mandate. If anything, he is an impostor riding on political favours,” part of the urgent chamber application by Solomon read.

On Friday, High Court judge, Justice Amy Tsanga issued a permanent order barring Muduvuri and his company from interfering with the operations of the housing scheme.

“Muduvuri and Macsherp Housing be, and are hereby, interdicted from unlawfully interfering with Pixie Combie Phase 1 project and business,” part of the judgment read.

Muduvuri was also ordered to pay the costs of the suit, while his moves to declare himself patron and dissolve the executive committee were declared illegal. Newsday


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