Friday, 12 August 2016


GWERU City Council (GCC) has launched a blitz on open air food vendors and businesses operating without licences and registration certificates, shutting down 21 businesses in the process.

Businesses are required to renew annually their operating licences ranging from shop licences, butchers’ licences, fishmonger licences, liquor licences and registration certificates, among other requirements, with the local authority.

However, some businesses have not complied with the requirements prompting GCC to embark on the blitz.

Since the campaign commenced last week the local authority has closed down businesses which did not comply with the city’s by-laws while an unspecified number of open air food vendors selling mainly isitshwala also met the same fate.

Acting director of health services, Mr Christopher Ruwodo, said that the clampdown on food vendors is meant to restore sanity in the city and preserve the health of consumers.

He also said revenue collection had been affected by the business community’s non-compliance.

“The clampdown on food vendors is to avert a diseases outbreak as some of them are operating in areas which do not meet the minimum health requirements to operate such kind of business, hence our being proactive,” said Mr Ruwodo.

“We’ve also moved to local businesses that have not regularised their operations with council as there are licences which are renewed at the beginning of every year but some up to now have not done anything about it.

“This has affected our revenue targets for this year. So far we have closed 21 businesses but I’m happy some are now voluntarily coming forward to regularise their operations.”

Acting town clerk Mr Edgar Mwedzi said poor revenue inflows into council coffers have resulted in council failing to adhere to its budgetary provisions where 70 percent of the budget should be channelled towards service delivery and the remainder to salaries. chronicle


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