Tuesday, 26 July 2016


ASSOCIATIONS for people living with disabilities in Masvingo have threatened to demonstrate against Zanu PF councillor Lovemore Mufamba, accusing him of verbally assaulting a visually-impaired man working at his private college.

Mufamba, who is ward 10 councillor and owns Fernvalley Academy Private School in Runyararo South West, is alleged to have insulted Cover Mugwadhi, who is the institution’s school development association (SDA) chairperson, denigrating him over his disability.

Mufamba is alleged to have said: “Don’t talk to me, you disabled and visually-impaired man. You can report wherever you want, but you must remember that I am well-connected.”

That was after Mugwadhi reportedly wanted to raise issues pertaining to the education system at the school. Mugwadhi confirmed the alleged verbal assault.

“I phoned Mufamba last week in a bid to raise issues that we, as parents, were not happy about concerning the welfare of our children at the institution,” he said.

“When we enrolled at his private school, we were promised that the school would cater for children from Grade One up to Grade Seven. We were promised that there was a comprehensive education curriculum and highly-qualified teachers, but all these are not available.”

Mugwadhi added: “That’s when Mufamba insulted me over my disability. We want him arrested as we feel that he is using his Zanu PF political muscle to intimidate people like us who are living with disabilities.”

Zimbabwe Disability Amalgamation Community Trust president Purazeni Jakata said they would mobilise more than 3 000 members and partners from the National Council of the Disabled, Zimbabwe Association for the Visually-Impaired, National League for the Blind, Albino Association of Zimbabwe, Capota School for the Blind and Henry Murray School for Deaf Students to demonstrate against Mufamba.

“What disappoints me is that when I tried to talk to him, he was unapologetic. Disabled people have their rights and we have to be respected just like any other citizens. My constituents will soon mobilise themselves and demonstrate against Mufamba at the council offices,” he said.

“If that fails, we will write to Masvingo mayor, Herbert Fidze calling for his suspension; and if that fails, we will petition the Masvingo Provincial Affairs minister (Shuvai Mahofa) to look into the matter.”

Mufamba, however, accused Mugwadhi of interfering in the running of the school.

“He is a person with sour grapes who was incensed when I dismissed the former head at the school after reports of sexual harassment of staff members. As far as I am concerned, Mugwadhi is not a member of the SDA, it’s a private school that is run by a board of trustees. It’s true that I had an altercation with him, but never uttered words denigrating his disability,” Mufamba said.


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