Tuesday, 26 July 2016


A GWANDA woman brutally assaulted her husband’s girlfriend with a log and bit her on the arm and throat, a court heard yesterday. Lethiwe Ndlovu (30) went on a rampage after accusing Ms Shupikai Mavhengere of snatching her husband and cohabiting with him for three days.

After a neighbour saved a bleeding Ms Mavhengere from further assault, she ran to her house and locked herself inside.

Ndlovu followed, broke down the door and destroyed household property. Gwanda resident magistrate, Mr Arafat Konzanai, convicted Ndlovu of assault and malicious damage to property, despite her plea of not guilty.

The magistrate sentenced Ndlovu to 210 hours of community service at Phakama Clinic for assault and fined her $40 or 30 days imprisonment for malicious damage to property.
Prosecutor, Mr Moses Gondongwe told the court that on May 19 at around 7PM, Ndlovu went to Mavhengere’s house in Hlalani Kuhle suburb.

“She accused Mavhengere of snatching her husband who had been missing from home for three days.

“A misunderstanding arose between the two and Ndlovu picked up a log which she used to assault Ms Mavhengere on the right hand causing serious injuries,” said the prosecutor.
“She went on to bite her on the right arm and throat. Ms Mavhengere was only saved from further harm by Mr Mark Moyo, a neighbour who heard her screaming from a distance and rushed to her rescue.”

The court also heard how Ndlovu broke down the door while threatening to deal with Ms Mavhengere, after she locked herself in her house.

“The accused went on to destroy Ms Mavhengere’s household property. After the fracas, a police report was made by Ms Mavhengere leading to Ndlovu’s arrest,” said Mr Gondowe.
Ms Mavhengere, said the prosecutor, was referred to hospital. A medical report indicated that she had sustained serious injuries on the right arm and the right side of the throat as a result of the biting.

It was not mentioned in court whether Ndlovu’s husband was really at Ms Mavhengere’s house or not. chronicle


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