Sunday, 3 July 2016


TWO Hwange women were arrested after they teamed up to beat a third wife whom they had accused of getting a bigger share of their polygamous husband.

The two were not happy that their husband had overstayed at the third wife’s place, eating into their scheduled quality times.

Nedi Sibanda (19) and Regina Ngwenya (42) of Railton and Lwendulu village in Hwange respectively went on a search mission of their husband who was reported to have holed himself up at his third wife, Sithembiso Ngwenya’s home in Makwika Village.

The pair were lucky to escape a custodial sentence when they appeared before Hwange provincial magistrate, Ms Sharon Rosemani. She sentenced Sibanda to 70 hours of community service and ordered her to compensate Sithembiso $60 while Regina was slapped with a $40 fine.

It is understood that the husband, Mr Peter Munyambo divorced his first wife, Regina of 15 years but continued to maintain her and their children. He went on to marry Sithembiso where he was now residing before taking Sibanda as his wife.

It is alleged that Peter Munyambo would have rotational visits to the three. However, his neglect of Regina over maintenance angered her resulting in her teaming up with Sibanda who was also complaining of going through the same situation.

The court heard that on 22 May at about 8pm the two teamed up and went to Sithembiso’s house in Makwika intending to visit their husband.

Sithembiso advised them that he was not there and unconvinced, the duo demanded to conduct a search, a request which was strongly resisted by the third wife.

Angered by her resistance, Sibanda and Regina started to assault Sithembiso on the face with fists while the other was holding her.

She was lucky to escape the blows of the enraged women who were demanding their husband and accusing her of stealing him from them.

As a result of the assault Sithembiso sustained injuries. She reported the matter to the police, leading to their arrest.

In her defence Regina claimed that she did not assault Sithembiso but was trying to intervene after a fight broke out between her and Sibanda.

Ms Loveness Maseko appeared for the State. sunday news


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