Wednesday, 20 July 2016


President Mugabe says people who got farms must use or lose them.

Speaking at the burial of his former chief secretary, Dr Charles Utete, Mugabe implored beneficiaries of the land reform programme to fully utilise their land so that the country can produce sufficient food to feed its citizens.

“A true land reform programme must give way to agrarian reforms and programmes. We should never hunger. Never import food. Never ever. There is no point. Those with land must please use it properly to produce.

“Those who need it, let them have it. Let them have it to use it to produce not to use it to sit on it and to pride themselves in saying we now have land. ‘I am somebody because I have the land’. Yes you are somebody because you have the land, but the land must be used so you become a real somebody. Otherwise you are not a real somebody,” said President Mugabe.

President Mugabe said Dr Utete played a major role in the development of Zimbabwe from policy formulation and implementation to the signing of the Unity Accord between the country’s two revolutionary parties ZANU and PF-Zapu in 1987.

“Dr Charles Utete’s public service career equates with the founding and development of our civil service soon after Independence,” said President Mugabe.

“In fact, scholars like him made invaluable inputs into the governing vision which guided us. Alongside many committed scholars, Dr Utete made incisive inputs into our policy documents, in the process transforming a majority rule Government.

“Every inch a scholar, a deep, practical thinker, Dr Utete’s intellectual outputs, in many ways, impacted the mind of the Government.

“After the March 1980 elections, one of the biggest challenges we faced was running a government without an iota of experience. So daunting was the prospect that we even went so far as appealing to Lord Soames, to stay on at the helm, while we gathered the requisite experience.” herald


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