Monday, 18 July 2016


MDC president Morgan Tsvangirai is suffering from serious illness — colon cancer — but still has time to throw a jibe at President Robert Mugabe — describing his handling of the country as worse than his condition.

Tsvangirai said while his health condition which he disclosed on June 27 had “shaken our country and greatly disturbed the spirits of the people of Zimbabwe”, the cancer of corruption posed an even more dangerous threat to the country than his cancer of the colon.

Addressing journalists at his Highlands home in the capital last week, Tsvangirai bemoaned the suffering Zimbabweans are going through which he blamed on Mugabe and Zanu PF.

“Oh yes, corruption, mis-governance and just plain cluelessness at the national level have become a more dangerous cancer, even more dangerous than cancer of the colon!” Tsvangirai said derisively.

“The nation is hurting and life is tough for everyone outside the parasitic elite that is feeding on the national trough.

“It is this elite that is fuelling the cancer of corruption and is oblivious to the dire situation facing the ordinary people in Pumula, Plumtree, Mufakose, Dotito and Chirundu.”
The former prime minister in the inclusive government said the country is at a precipice in need of astute management “but it is apparent that there is leadership vacuum at national level”.

His critics including Zanu PF bigwigs say because of the nature of the disease, the once firebrand trade unionist turned opposition strongman could lose his cutting edge, a trait that has made him the face of Zimbabwe’s painstaking pursuit for democracy for nearly 16 years.

Manicaland Provincial Affairs minister Mandi Chimene appeared to celebrate the opposition leader’s condition, saying it was payback time for him.
“Tsvangirai is suffering with cancer; it’s payback time for wishing ...Mugabe to die, but Mugabe does not have cancer.

“Who are we to question God’s will? Why opposing our president who is 92 years old? I would even sacrifice for my president by giving him my 20 years and I will die,’’ she said while addressing supporters in Mutare recently.

“If you look at his face that is what is in his brains. He is not appealing. He is ugly. You should not vote for him because he is a loser,’’ Chimene added.

But in his address last week Tsvangirai said he was on the road to full recovery after undergoing surgery in South Africa and that he was ready to challenge Mugabe in 2018.

“I want to say today that I am recovering well and once again, I want to thank everyone, especially the people of this country from across the political, religious and tribal divide, for standing by me.

“Indeed, we are all mortal beings and sometimes our bodies get shaken by the vagaries of nature but as you can see, God is always on our side and I am on the path to full recovery.” daily news


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