Monday, 11 July 2016


The mass stayaway was a flop, a headcount of civil servants who reported for duty, as well as shops and banks that were open, have revealed.

The Herald said the stay away recorded success in Harare and, to a minimal extent, in Bulawayo.
A countrywide survey, however shows that shut down was largely ignored by Zimbabweans as an estimated 73 percent of people clocked in for work.

Government’s swift response in meeting its salary obligations, especially in the health sector, pulled the rug from under the feet of political malcontents, according to The Herald.

Government’s Statistical Summary of the July 6 stayaway, a document at hand, shows only 8,3 percent of teachers reported for duty in Harare. At least 14,2 percent of shops were open, and 10 percent of public transport vehicles were on the road in the province on July 6. However, 86,6 percent of banks were open, and 40 percent of staff at hospitals reported for duty.

In Bulawayo, while only 2,6 percent of public transport vehicles were operating, 92 percent of teachers and 88 percent of health workers still managed to report for duty. Up to 14,4 percent of shops and 61,5 of banks opened their doors to members of the public.

It was business as usual in other provinces where hospital staff reported for duty – Manicaland 100 percent, Masvingo 97, Mashonaland West 92,9, Matabeleland North 92,3, Mashonaland East 90, Matabeleland South 86,7, Mashonaland Central 71 and Midlands 67,5.
In schools, 97 percent of teachers reported for duty in Mashonaland Central while other provinces recorded as follows: Manicaland 95,8, Midlands 95, Masvingo 91, Mash East 81,1, Mat South 54,2, Mash West 50,9 and Mat North 41,3.


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