Saturday, 2 July 2016


A HEADMASTER who was transferred from a Mangwe school for forcing teachers to sing 44 jingles he composed has applied for a protection order against the district education officer (DEO) and staff at his new school, accusing them of harassing him.

Mr Norman Muvimi, the headmaster of Tahangana High School in Mangwe District, told a court the DEO Headman Mpofu, the School Development Committee (SDC) chairperson Bupelo Tshuma, the area’s councillor, Phakamisa Sibanda, a teacher Phanankosi Sibanda and clerk Pretty Moyo were spearheading a campaign to have him fired.

He said the five were influencing other staff members to sabotage him and were leading the community in harassing him.

Mr Muvimi begged the court to grant him a protection order that would prohibit the respondents from interfering with his work. He said he now feared for his life.

“These five are working for my ouster from the school and they’ve made my tenure difficult. This is all because when I came into office I introduced new learning and teaching techniques in order to boost the pass rate. I’m being punished for trying to carry out my duties.

“Last year in June, some pupils staged a demonstration against me and it has come to my attention that these five people were the brains behind this incident,” said Mr Muvimi. He said the protection order would protect him and his interests at the school against impending violence, allegations and name calling instigated by the five.

Plumtree magistrate, Mr Gideon Ruvetsa postponed the matter to July 14 after the DEO and a teacher at the school requested to be allocated time to file affidavits opposing Mr Muvimi’s request.

Mr Muvimi, who was recently transferred from another school in the district for allegedly tormenting teachers, was early this year suspended for three months following allegations of misconduct.

He was facing charges of sexual harassment, verbal abuse, absenteeism, causing commotion at the school and exam maladministration.
Mr Muvimi in the past has faced allegations of undermining the SDC leadership, causing friction among staff, which resulted in pupils demonstrating.

He joined Tahangana High School at the beginning of the second term last year after he was moved from Mambale High School following complaints from the staff.
He had allegedly composed 44 jingles which he forced teachers and pupils to recite each day as a way of improving the school’s pass rate.

Teachers at his old and new school all reported that he insulted them in front of parents and pupils. His administration methods upon joining Tahangana High School sparked an outrage from parents who demanded his transfer. A group of pupils from the school last year held a demonstration against him.

The disgruntled pupils alleged they had been missing lessons while the headmaster held long meetings with teachers. Female teachers at the school also accused him of sexually harassing them by mentioning their private parts in front of pupils and parents. chronicle


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