Monday, 25 July 2016


A trainee pilot has been arrested on allegations of attempting to defraud a local insurance company of more than $15 000 after he made a false report that his Mercedes-Benz E320 had been stolen. Zvikomborero Nyamakura (34), a trainee pilot at Charles Prince Airport, was arrested after he hired a man to strip the “stolen” car at a house he was renting in Mabelreign in Harare.

It is believed that the car was being stripped so that he could sell the parts. On Friday sources said sometime this year, Nyamakura’s parents bought him a black Mercedes-Benz (ACO 9910) which he later insured on full cover with Old Mutual Insurance Company for $15 000.

Early this month, he went and rented a house in Mabelreign where he left his vehicle but never stayed at the house. It is alleged that he later went to Highlands Police Station where he made a false report that his vehicle had been stolen.
According to the report, Nyamakura alleged that he was driving his vehicle along Enterprise Road during the night when it had a tyre puncture on the left rear side. He told the police that he had no spare wheel resulting in him removing the tyre and hiring a taxi to a garage in the city centre where it was fixed. Nyamakura said when he returned to his vehicle, he discovered that it had been stolen.

After making the false report, Nyamakura went to the insurance company where he made a claim since he now had a police report. The claim was approved and he was supposed to have been paid more than $15 000 by the insurance company. Sometime last week, Nyamakura hired a gas welder whom he took to the Mabelreign house to strip his car.
Police received a tip-off and raided the house leading to Nyamakura’s arrest. He is still assisting police with investigations and will appear in court facing fraud charges and making a false report to police. herald


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