Friday, 8 July 2016


Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe said on Friday that salary delays for public workers was "a temporary problem" and not a reason for teachers, doctors and nurses to go on strike and warned of a plot to overthrow the ruling party.

The issue of salary delays is a temporary problem. It's not a reason for teachers, doctors and nurses to go on strike. Most of them don't understand where we have come from during times of colonialism," Mugabe said in a brief speech.

President Mugabe said he learnt with pleasure that civil servants have gone back to work.
 He urged the people of Zimbabwe to embrace bond notes saying they are a legal tender meant to ease cash flow challenges.

“Inhamo yemazuva ano. Ichapera. They will get their money,” he said.

 He has called on the people of Mashonaland Central to keep bringing forward their grievances adding that as a leader, it would embarrass him to learn that people are dying of hunger.

 “When we say we fought for the people, why then are we fighting them,” President Mugabe says.

President Mugabe has emphasised that guns must not lead politics, but instead it should be vice versa.

He has called on politicians not to force people to support them. Adding that people must support parties out of will.


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