Sunday, 31 July 2016


War Veterans Minister, Tshinga Dube says Christopher Mutsvangwa must resign as leader of the War Veterans Association for the good of the war veterans.

He said : "We have started to engage with the war veterans to prepare for a special war veterans congress this year.

As it stands, it is very difficult for them to work under the current leadership when their leader, Cde Christopher Mutsvangwa, has been expelled from the party because of behaviour that is against the principles of Zanu-PF.

Although it is a sovereign association, it cannot be separated from the party. This is because war veterans and Zanu-PF share the same revolutionary principles, and they cannot do without one another.

So, you have to understand that war veterans and Zanu-PF share the same DNA. War veterans are the people who brought Zanu-PF into being, and, similarly, the party is what it is because of war veterans. The party cannot fold its hands and watch the war veterans’ association going astray.

President Mugabe took a stance to call for a new leadership of war veterans, and as the Minister responsible, I will work to do what is best for these comrades.

This process of leadership renewal for war veterans is going to be done constitutionally without violating the principles of the association.

We are also going to approach the leader, Cde Mutsvangwa, to persuade him that for the good of the war veterans, he needs to step aside.

After everything that has happened, we feel that Cde Mutsvangwa would be trying the impossible if he wants to continue leading the war veterans.

In the very near future, war veterans are going for a congress where they will choose a new leader. In terms of the dates, I am not at liberty to divulge it.

What needs to be done, though, is that the war veterans need to agree among themselves first. Once they have agreed at district and provincial level, we will then set the dates for the congress.

We have about 34 000 war veterans countrywide, and our intention is that all of them have an input at that congress. As a ministry, we will play a role of facilitating the meeting, ensuring it is a success.


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