Saturday, 30 July 2016


President Mugabe yesterday attacked Western-sponsored non-governmental organisations for their open campaigns to subvert African economies in pursuit of regime change.

Mugabe urged African States to unite to resist the machinations of the West.

“There is a vicious and comprehensive national drive as well as regional and continental vicious campaign to subvert our economies, economies of Africa through a proliferation of what I call NGOs,” said President Mugabe.

“In Africa, this is all over. There is no country without NGOs supported from outside.”
He made the remarks at the National Defence College where he was guest of honour at the presentation of a National Security Policy and Strategy paper by participants in the Course 4-2015.

The participants are drawn from across security institutions here and allied countries including Botswana, Kenya, South Africa, Tanzania, Nigeria, Namibia and Zambia.
The NGOs, said President Mugabe, had become the West’s weapon to subvert African economies.

He said when he was AU chairman, he visited several African countries where he was appraised of the phenomenal proliferation of NGOs with sinister motives of regime change.

“They (NGOs) have become pests on our continent,” said the President.
These agents of external forces, he said, were also visible in the country’s opposition Press, which he said was leading the attack on Government on a daily basis.

“We know it is sponsored from outside and there is a drive and campaign, for a long time, for regime change,” he said.

“This can be handled by the State which has its own (legal) instruments at Government level.”

President Mugabe also said Francophone countries were still reeling under the bondage of their former coloniser who dictates the affairs of their countries. He cited examples of African countries that were dissuaded by France from coming to officiate at the annual Harare Agricultural Show.

He said they were told not to come to Zimbabwe. “That is a form of instrument that the West is still using to undermine our independence and socio-economy,” he said.
President Mugabe bemoaned the rush by many students at university level for business subjects while shunning sciences. He said Bindura University of Science Education was established to cater for Science and Mathematics, but ended up taking students for business studies.

“Science and Mathematics is what it was established for, but the disease of business studies also afflicted them,” he said.

The President queried why the country’s state universities were negating the call to look at the country’s socio-economic challenges.
“Look at the needs of Zimbabwe. Look at our agriculture, we need more engineers. Look at mining, we need more mining engineers, metallurgists. Look at our roads, we need engineers,” he said. herald


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