Sunday, 31 July 2016


Former Zanu PF youth leader Acie Lumumba has accused President Robert Mugabe of  breeding terrorism after he was attacked by Zanu PF yobs in Bulawayo on Friday.
Lumumba was due to hold a meeting with youths drawn from different associations in the city but was forced to abandon the gathering after Zanu PF thugs stormed the venue, armed with chains and stones.

“Mugabe constantly calls others sell-outs but he is the biggest sell-out. He sells out every promise that he has made,” Lumumba told the Daily News.
“He promised no violence but what is happening in his party is a clear promotion of violence day in day out.

“What he is not realising is that he is breeding terrorism in Zimbabwe. If you look at the definition of terrorism you will get that, Zanu PF is promoting terrorism. But he must be reminded that we will not stop fighting for our political space as a result,” he added.

Lumumba who recently formed his own political party, Viva Zimbabwe, was meant to give a keynote address to youth associations from the city at Homestead Hall.

“We were supposed to have an engagement meeting with youths drawn from different associations but unfortunately when the participants arrived at the venue, the Zanu PF youths numbering about 35 to 40 had barricaded the entrance while armed with chains, stones and all sorts of weapons,” a livid Lumumba said.

“When I approached these Zanu PF youths most of whom I recognised since we once worked together wanting to find out what their problem was, they then mobbed and started assaulting a freelance journalist who was taking pictures.

“After that they then turned their anger on me but they were not that smart since they were drunk hence not wiser and I managed to escape with minor assaults.”
Human rights lawyer Tineyi Mukwewa, who assisted Lumumba, was very critical of the police.

“I can confirm that Acie Lumumba and his team from Harare, who had come for a meeting here, were attacked by rowdy youths who identified themselves as Zanu PF members,” Mukwewa said.

“They stopped Lumumba and other youths from accessing the venue; this was done in the presence of the police.  Lumumba and a freelance journalist were attacked using a long chain and other weapons as police looked on.”

Lumumba is currently on trial for allegedly insulting Mugabe.
A former Zanu PF representative in the 2013 general election, Lumumba quit Zanu PF after his fallout with Indigenisation minister, Patrick Zhuwawo. daily news


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