Monday, 11 July 2016


MANICALAND Provincial Affairs minister Mandiitawepi Chimene has been summoned by a local wholesale company over a $429 debt.

According to summons filed last week, Nayee Brothers (Private) Ltd claimed that sometime last year, Chimene directed the wholesale company to distribute building materials for the construction of Mukowe Bridge in Buhera, saying she would pay for the consignment.

“The defendant (Chimene) wrote a letter to the plaintiff on November 5 2015 in her official capacity as the Minister of State for Provincial Affairs, requesting the plaintiff to give a member from District Development Fund (DDF) 22 lengths of deformed bars, which were 20mm thick, for the purposes of Mukowe Bridge construction in Buhera,’’ part of the summons filed by the wholesaler’s lawyers Maunga Maanda and Associates read.

“The defendant (Chimene) undertook the responsibility to pay the plaintiff the sum of $429 for the 22x20mm deformed bars. The plaintiff delivered the deformed bars to rural district council at the instruction of the defendant.

“A letter of demand was, therefore, written to the defendant on May16, 2016. Defendant has neglected her responsibility of paying the said amount to the plaintiff, which is now overdue.’’

The company is now demanding Chimene to pay the full amount plus legal costs and 5% interest per annum.

The firm gave her seven days to respond to the summons.

“In default of your so doing, you will be held to have admitted the said claim, and the plaintiff may proceed therein and judgment may be given against you in your absence, but that on payment of the said claims and costs to me and the said time.

“If you allege any exception, defence or counter claim, you must, within seven days after appearance, deliver to me and to the said plaintiff’s legal practitioners statement in writing of the nature and grounds thereof,” the summons read.


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