Wednesday, 20 July 2016


The MDC notes with concern the selective police attitude on protesters displayed by the police following the Zanu PF march in Harare today.

As a party, we applaud Zanu PF supporters for seeking to exercise their constitutional right by marching in support of mis-governance, looting and repression. Zanu PF reserves its right to march in solidarity with the authors of starvation and corruption. It is their right to march in commonality with a clueless 92-year old President who has run out of ideas.

However, we note with disquiet the selective application of the law and the double standards in terms of police attitude towards Zanu PF demonstrations. The Zanu PF march was allowed to proceed and the party did not even have to seek recourse in the courts as we and other civic groups have had to do. The police did not clamp down on the Zanu PF protest march but instead accompanied the demonstrators and allowed them to disturb human and vehicular traffic. It is clear that Zanu PF did not meet with the bureaucracy and hostility that we meet when we equally want to exercise our Constitutional right.

As the MDC prepares for a sonorous national expression of discontent we hope the police and other law-enforcement agents will exhibit the same attitude they have given Zanu PF today. If those supporting mis-governance and repression and the free-flow of traffic can be allowed to hold their protests so too should the same right be exercised by those who wish to exercise their rights by protesting against a clueless government that has run the country aground.

We in the MDC are putting this regime on notice. What is good for the goose must certainly good for the gander. Zimbabweans must be allowed to peacefully proceed with their mooted national action just as Zanu PF has been allowed to proceed with their protest march today. We are a Zimbabweans after all.

Luke Tamborinyoka
Presidential Spokesperson and Director of Communications
Movement for democratic Change


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