Wednesday, 6 July 2016


 Live updates by Newsday
12:40 Bulawayo update
A few shops that were open in the morning have since closed because of no business.
Banks are however still open for business.
Govt parastatals like ZESA and NRZ are still closed in the CBD.

Tertiary institutions like NUST and Hillside teachers college are open. Bottle stores have opened in the high density suburbs, but no deliveries today. For those who drink, no beer in the afternoon if the available stock is finished.
Mpilo Hospital is providing transport to its employees.

12:15 In areas around Eastlea, Highlands traffic is low and some shops at Pennywise and others are closed while most of Longcheng Plaza outlets are not operating.Guards have shut the gates of the giant mall.
 1:43 NEWS FLASH Three reporters from NewsDay have been arrested in Mufakose. The three are Tafadzwa Ufumeli, Elias Mambo and Richard Chidza. The three have bravely covered the police brutality being exerted on innocent residents.
11:34 In Pumula South and Old Pumula schools, clinics and shops are closed. Any commuter omnibus seen loading passengers is blocked by residents. They have since barricaded the roads.

11:34 “We have no peace police are making our life miserable. We would rather shut off the roads,”a Mufakose resident told our reporters

Bulawayo update
Police have just arrested about five youths for staging a mini protest in the central business district,demanding that President Robert Mugabe steps down.

One of the arrested youths is Mthokozisi Ncube, the coordinator of the Bulawayo Youths Arise.
The youths sang “Mugabe must go” near the Joshua Mqabuko stature before anti-riot cops in a pick up van arrived and arrested them.

They have been taken to Bulawayo Central Police Station. As they were being taken to the police station, the youths were singing “Mugabe must go”‘.

11:20 Commuters traveling into town are having to fork out $2 or more for a trip that normally cost 50 cents
11:19: Follow our twitter hashtag #shutdownzim
News Flash: If you’re in Zimbabwe, you’ve probably noticed that you WhatsApp is not working anymore. Several people have contacted us to inform us that their WhatsApp is not sending or receiving messages anymore. We have made some tests ourselves and can confirm that WhatsApp is not working for us too on any of the 3 mobile networks and ISPs we use.

According to the information we have, WhatsApp is currently not working on the following networks:
Liquid Telecom Zimbabwe
ZOL Zimbabwe

Source: TechZim
We have not tested and have not received any information on the other networks so we cannot say at the moment what the situation is with them.
10:20 Meanwhile at the courts in Harare, few interpreters and magistrates have turned up for work while some suspects and witnesses have been issued with warrants of arrests after failing to turn up for their court appearances.

10:00 A Tombs bus has been reportedly stoned at the Redcliff turn-off along Bulawayo Road and police are now at the scene clearing the road that had been barricaded with stones.

From Mufakose, George Makoni reports: There are running battles between the police and residents at Magandanga area in Mufakose.They have launched teargas ,but the residents are grouping.All schools and shops are closed and kids are excited with the demonstration,they have also joined.No combis and many people are in the streets ,a sign that most people did not go to work
09:20 Bulawayo update 
Bulawayo heeds shutdown call as most shops in the central business district and high density suburbs are closed. Commuter omnibus operators have parked their kombis.

School children have been sent back home while other schools like St Bernards in Pumula suburb locked its gates. Choppies shops open, and in some places guarded cops. No heavy police presence as anticipated. Soldiers doing rounds in suburbs.

09:15 Reports from Kwekwe indicate the town has come to a standstill as there are no commuter omnibuses. Those that commute from the town to work in Gweru are stranded.
In Gweru some shops are closed and business is low. An army water cannon is stationed at a Choppies Supermarket in the CBD, apparently protecting the Vice president Phelekezela Mphokon outlet.

09:00: Armed riot police presence at OK shop at Kamunhu Shopping Centre in Mabvuku.
In Dzivaresekwa there are no people to board a few kombis available while armed police officer with rifles are patrolling the areas.

08:45: Harare is so far in a virtual stand-still with Zimbabweans heeding a call by pro-democracy activists to stay-away in a bid to force President Robert Mugabe to find solution to the country’s problems or better still for him and his Zanu PF government to resign enmasse.


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