Wednesday, 6 July 2016


Harare is so far in a virtual stand-still with Zimbabweans heeding a call by pro-democracy activists to stay-away in a bid to force President Robert Mugabe to find solution to the country’s problems or better still for him and his Zanu PF government to resign enmasse.

A general survey by NewsDay journalists around Harare revealed that most shops and industries were closed as many people stayed home. In Harare’s High density suburbs such as Glen Norah, Mufakose, Machipisa and Mabvuku there is a heavy police presence, shops are closed and virtually no public transport.

The situation is the same in the dormitory town of Chitungwiza with most businesses closed.
 However more telling for Mugabe and his administration is the fact that the informal sector a haven for Zanu PF activists has also heeded the call. Market stalls across the city are virtually empty with Mabare’s Siyaso, Magaba and Mupedzanhamo also closed.


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