Saturday, 2 July 2016


THE First Lady Grace Mugabe is working on the construction of a university to be named after President Mugabe as a way of building the nation through education.

 Mugabe who was officiating at the Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce (ZNCC) awards ceremony here on Thursday night, said funds permitting, the Robert Mugabe University would be built in Mazowe where her other projects — the children’s home, dairy farm and school — are flourishing.

The First Lady did not give timelines for the construction of the university but said the country needed a paradigm shift when it comes to education.

She said the Amai Mugabe Junior School was being upgraded and a secondary school was under construction and there were plans to build a hospital and the university.

“Funds permitting I’m planning on building a hospital in future since there’s no major hospital in that area. Funds permitting also, I want to build a Robert Mugabe University because we want continuity and responsibility,” she said to a loud applause.

Mugabe said despite criticism from her detractors, she is a hard worker who has achieved all she has through dedication while carrying multiple roles as a mother, wife and businesswoman.

She said after serious brainstorming, she decided there is a need to shift attention to education.
The First Lady said she was engaging a number of partners towards funding the projects. “As a citizen of this country I just feel that I’ve a responsibility to build Zimbabwe without expecting to get a reward. All these are my ambitions and when I started people were saying I’m mad but where there’s a will there’s a way.

“I work very hard despite what you may have read in the Press and the children’s home speaks for itself as those who have seen it can testify. I’ve the energy… this woman is 60 horsepower. I’ve a good rapport with people who I can sweet talk for resources,” she said drawing laughter from the crowd.

“I had a paradigm shift and zeroed in on education because Zimbabweans are obsessed with it. I’m proud because the infrastructure is beautiful I tell you. I don’t compete with women but with humans.

“The structures are magnificent and solid that even an earthquake of 5.5 magnitude on the Richter scale will not shake it. There is one dormitory for boys which is almost complete and we’re also doing state-of-the-art hostels for girls.

“We all went to boarding school and stayed in dormitories and what I’m doing is introduce a paradigm shift where children should live in hotel style rooms. I got the designs from the First Lady of Equatorial Guinea and mobilised funds from embassies especially the Embassy of China,” said the First Lady.

She said all the projects, including the university will be on 50,000 square metres of land.
“I’m not saying this to make your ears itch but those who have been there know what I’m talking about,” she said.

The First Lady encouraged Zimbabweans to work hard to develop the nation using local resources.

“Zimbabweans I urge you not to despair when chips are down and we can do it our Zimbabwean way since we’re blessed with resources. It’s our responsibility to build Zimbabwe together,” added Dr Mugabe. chronicle


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