Tuesday, 12 July 2016


THE cash-strapped Zanu PF government yesterday failed to furnish its workers with proposed July pay dates, raising fresh fears that the salaries might be deferred to next month.

Government representatives, led by Simon Masanga, a top official in the Ministry of Youth, yesterday held a four-hour-long closed-door meeting with civil servants’ representatives in Harare, but failed to give definite pay dates for July salaries.

Masanga said government would only be able to give the dates on Friday after further consultations. Apex Council leader, Cecilia Alexander confirmed the stalemate.

“It’s unfortunate that government came to this meeting with the same position that it would not be able to pay the rest of the civil service before July 14 and pensioners on July 19. We had hoped that it would pay them any day before that, but they said they can’t,” she said.

“They also could not state this month’s pay date and they said it would be available by Friday. But we hope our money will come this month, not next month, as the current case, where June salaries were paid this month.”

Due to a depleted revenue base and shrinking economy, government has been battling to pay its workers on time and last month deferred civil servants’ salaries to this month, with others yet to get paid.

Last Wednesday, civil servants and the rest of the public downed tools over the matter, forcing the government to urgently raise funds to avert a crippling strike.

Alexander said they had also raised complaints with the government over reports that some of its members were being victimised for participating in last week’s massive stay away.

“We have been told that whatever Public Service Commission inspectors are doing, which is harassing and victimising those who participated in last week’s strike, is illegal. We have been asked to present a detailed report on the matter,” she said.

Alexander said they refused to discuss other civil servants’ welfare issues until government informs them on the pay date for July as they felt it would be unjustifiable.
Labour minister Prisca Mupfumira said she had not yet been briefed on the outcome of yesterday’s meeting.

“I am waiting for Masanga to come and brief me on what came out of the meeting,” she said. newsday


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