Friday, 10 June 2016


ZIMBABWEANS spent $560 million on prepaid airtime and $230 million to buy information and communication technologies (ICT) equipment such as phones in 2014. 

According to a Zimstats ICT report released in Bulawayo on Wednesday prepaid airtime had the largest share on household ICT servicesexpenditure followed by internet charges.
The ICT Household Survey (2014) shows that during the period under study $561,893,590 was spent on prepaid airtime with internet charges totalling $42,331,150.

Repair of ICT equipment cost $12,858,546 while installations totalled $1,712,038. The report states that Zimbabweans spend an average of $658 million on ICT services annually.

The ICT Household Survey which was funded by Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe also revealed that the total household expenditure on ICT equipment such as phones, television sets, decoders and computers stood at $232 million.
Mobile cellular phones ranked high in terms of ICT expenditure on equipment totalling $90,308,577 followed by television sets with $58 million and computers with $54 million.
“Expenditure on mobile cellular telephones had the largest share of 39 percent followed by expenditure on TV sets with about 25 percent. The least share of expenditure of less than one percent was on telefax machine,” reads the report.

It shows household expenditure on equipment in rural areas was $288 million compared to $601 million in urban areas showing a clear distinction on usage and demand.

“In rural areas, the proportion of household expenditure on ICT equipment was about 29 percent compared to about 71 percent for expenditure on ICT services. In urban areas, the proportion of household expenditure on ICT equipment was about 25 percent compared to 75 percent for expenditure on ICT services,” reads the report.

Speaking at a workshop to disseminate the survey findings in Bulawayo on Wednesday, Zimstats director-general Mutasa Dzinotizei said results of the survey were key in policy making and planning.

He said the purpose of the dissemination workshop was to raise awareness on access to ICT products by households and use to individuals. chronicle


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