Thursday, 23 June 2016


As the economy continues to die, Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa yesterday appealed to Zimbabweans to put aside their differences and work together in wooing investors from all corners of the globe to the country.

He also reiterated government’s determination to continue engaging with the international community as well as Diasporans, as Harare seeks to energise the ailing local economy.

“The context of Zimbabwe’s problems is that the country is not in the global economy. We need to understand why, because there are sanctions, although the European Union is now relaxing. But still, there are challenges there,” Chinamasa said.

The pragmatic Finance minister’s sentiments regarding Zimbabwe’s readiness to do business with all countries, regions and global financial institutions contrast sharply with those of his principal, President Robert Mugabe, who at the weekend said that Zimbabweans would rather suffer than accept conditional assistance from the international community.

Addressing journalists in Harare, Chinamasa also cautioned citizens against “bad-mouthing” their country, saying this was scaring away investors and scuttling the government’s re-engagement efforts with the West.

“Confidence comes from you. Don’t expect outsiders to have confidence in you when you don’t have confidence in yourself. Do you speak confidently about yourself, about your own country?

“How do you expect to solve the problems if you are always bad mouthing your country? If you are telling everybody do not come and you shout the most to say don’t come,” he said.
Chinamasa called on Zimbabweans to take a cue from the rural folk of yesteryear who would always go out of their way to try and paint a glowing picture of their homes, even when they were going through hard times.

“We must exude this same confidence. But just meeting you, your face is written problems,” he lamented.

“I am not in the same position with my counterpart from Zambia. My counterpart can go into any capital market and raise resources at affordable rates. This I cannot do because of the constraints I have mentioned,” Chinamasa added

However, he said, he and his ministry were not “just throwing our arms in the air” and giving up, but working hard to try and fix all current challenges, including raising agricultural production, compensating white commercial farmers who lost their land during the country’s chaotic fast track land reforms. daily news


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