Wednesday, 22 June 2016


Two Indians suspected of taking turns to sodomise a drunken 28-year-old woman at a hotel in Harare, were yesterday remanded in custody after being denied bail.
Krishna Satyanarayan Gandlur (33) and his accomplice Ravi Krishnan (40) were ordered to apply for bail at the High Court, but were asked to appear at the magistrates’ court today on housekeeping issues. Gandlur is a consultant for a company sponsoring Zimbabwe-India cricket international match.

The two are represented by Dumisani Mtombeni. Allegations against the two men are that on Thursday last week they were booked at Meikles Hotel in Harare where their victim was also staying.

At around midnight, the State alleges, Gandlur invited the woman to his room for drinks at which time Krishnan was also in the same room and the woman was introduced to him.
The pair allegedly forced the woman to drink wine which they had ordered and Gandlur tried to kiss her, but she resisted.

Later, the State alleges, the woman got drunk and the pair took turns to have anal sex with her without her consent.

According to the State, the woman woke up the following morning feeling pain on her backside and also realised she was in her room, but without her undergarments.
The State alleges she also noticed her sheets were blood-stained and some cigarettes were on the side table.

She then narrated the alleged abuse to the hotel manager who accompanied her to the police officers at the hotel, leading to the pair’s arrest. Prosecutor Peter Kachirika appeared for the State. newsday


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