Monday, 20 June 2016


There was drama in Parliament when the Mines Permanent Secretary, Professor Francis Gudyanga displayed an embarrassing ignorance about the contentious diamond issues.

The Zimbabwe Consolidated Diamond Company (ZCDC) CEO, Dr Ridge Nyashanu also failed to furnish the Mines and Energy Parliamentary Portfolio Committee with information regarding diamond production statistics and how much treasury has received to date.

First to appear before the portfolio committee was Dr Nyashanu, who put up an embarrassing display of ignorance to the point of even failing to define a company structure while confessing he did not even know the act of parliament guiding the operations of the parastatal he is leading.

Then, Professor Gudyanga almost outdid the ignorance displayed by Dr Nyashanu when he could not even furnish the committee with information on how much the country has derived from diamond revenues to date, leaving the Cde Daniel Shumba led committee further infuriated.

Parliamentarians were even more infuriated when Professor Gudyanga was fingered in gross violation of corporate governance by chairing three parastatal boards.

There was more ducking of questions to a point where the portfolio committee members could not hide their emotions.


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