Friday, 17 June 2016


NEWLY opened premium adult entertainment facility in Bulawayo, The Private Lounge Strip Club, has divided opinion with some hailing it for enhancing the city’s entertainment sphere, while others say the nightspot will only brew disaster.
Strip Club is housed here

The Private Lounge was launched a fortnight ago has been an instant hit in the city, with it’s search light being a marvel to many. The search light is atop the Cecil Hotel in Bulawayo’s Central Business District and directs people to the strip club.

In interviews, residents expressed mixed opinions, with some in support  saying the strip club brings a “new feel” to the generally quiet Bulawayo night life.

The residents who are against the strip club are saying it will encourage promiscuity, as the facility offers nude pole dancing, strip teases and other acts that go with such a facility.
However from the interviews, males spoke glowingly about the strip club unlike women who squashed it.

A resident Hloniphani Dube said strip club is the best thing to happen in Bulawayo, as they 
were a form of art meant to be admired.

“Those of us who appreciate the beauty of art will go there in our numbers. It will also improve our sex life because when you go to the strip club, one becomes excited and hormones shoot up. When one goes home they will be fired up and do wonders.”

A resident, Thabani Moyo noted strip clubs were an entertainment centre that operated with the stipulated regulations. He said it sought to provide entertainment to consenting adults.
“Personally, I feel there is nothing wrong with strip clubs. The club operates at its own environ and is not flouting any laws. Even in the constitution there is no directive that actually denies people to attend strip clubs or watch what happens inside.

“People may say it’s wrong but at the end of the day it’s a form of entertainment. There is nothing wrong with entertainment, those who don’t feel like indulging in such art are not forced to attend.”

Another resident, Tapiwa Ncube echoed the above sentiments and said strip clubs were a platform purely for entertainment and for art lovers they were a form of expression.

“I think strip clubs are a wonderful thing to happen in Bulawayo, they add on to the available entertainment in the city. In view of the challenges people are facing, this is a platform to relieve stress and relax. Besides, strip tease is a form of expression were people can express themselves in art, in fact its a religion on its own. At least as people in Bulawayo we can say there is diversity in entertainment,” he said.

Most females who spoke to Radio Dialogue were against the strip club and said it will encourage promiscuity and result in illicit affairs.
They said activities such as pole dancing and the act of strip tease encouraged immoral behaviour.

“I will liken what happens at the lounge to Sodom and Gomorrah. Stripping in public is totally against good morals and credentials. We do not want this club in Bulawayo and because of such acts, bad things are happening in society. No wonder, it doesn’t rain anymore,” said Bonisile Khanye.

Another resident, Thobekile Ncube, said she was uncomfortable with setting up of the new club as she did not know what consequences it will draw to people.
“I don’t know how to handle this idea. Well people are different, it may be permissible to some, a taboo to others but as an individual l think its bad.

“Think about it, how will it impact on couples who are either married or in a serious relationship. What about to parents, say you have a 17 year old boy, to see him going to a strip club, naturally you will fear the worst and to me that is the bottom line. On the other hand, going to strip club for fun can be exciting for younger age groups who are still exploring life, to them it might be an adventure to go there,” she explained.


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