Thursday, 9 June 2016


Former NMB chief executive Mr James Mushore, who was appointed Harare town clerk in April before Government rescinded his appointment yesterday brewed a shocker when he “suspended” acting town clerk Mrs Josephine Ncube for “usurping his powers”.

 Government rescinded the appointment of Mr Mushore soon after a council meeting that announced his appointment, saying council flouted procedures for appointing a town clerk as outlined in the Urban Councils Act and Local Government Board regulations.
According to the law in question, council was supposed to submit three candidates to the Local Government Board for approval.

Councillors then held a special council meeting which sent Mr Mushore on leave until determination of matters before the courts.

Acting Mayor Christopher Mbanga has since communicated the position to Mr Mushore, but yesterday Mr Mushore wrote to Mrs Ncube suspending her with immediate effect on allegations of misconduct.

“It is true I have suspended Mrs Ncube for misconduct. She has continued to act as town clerk. She ceased to be acting town clerk on April 1, when I joined council. She has been insubordinate,” said Mr Mushore.

Efforts to contact Mrs Ncube were fruitless as she was said to be in Bulawayo attending to council business.
However, Acting Mayor Mbanga said Mrs Ncube had told him about the letter, but he was still to have sight of it and accused Mr Mushore of causing unnecessary disturbances at council.

“In terms of the special council resolution, I wrote to Mr Mushore asking him to take leave until the issues in the courts are resolved. Of late he is causing unnecessary disturbances and interruptions to management.

“I view this with great concern. As councillors, our primary duty is to ensure that service delivery is given to residents without undue interference,” he said.

 He said Mr Mushore must first go under the necessary vetting processes in compliance with the Urban Councils Act. We are not against him, but we must follow the law.“I am surprised that such an educated man behaves in a manner that does not qualify to be called civilised.

“You cannot destabilise and disturb the peaceful running of business. “If he succeeds at the Local Government Board certainly he would be town clerk with everyone’s support,” he said.
Minister Kasukuwere said the town clerk position requires Government support and one will not succeed without it.

This comes a day after Government suspended Harare Mayor Councillor Bernard Manyenyeni for failing to deal with corruption allegations at Easi Park, City Parking and other entities barely a day after his reinstatement.

A full council meeting scheduled for Tuesday failed to take place after most MDC-T councillors boycotted the meeting in protest over the mayor’s suspension. herald


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