Friday, 10 June 2016


President Robert Mugabe has described the first part of this year as turbulent and eventful marked by incessant and frequent votes of no confidence which affected every wing of the party.
Addressing members of the National Consultative Assembly at the party headquarters in Harare this Friday, the President defined what constitutes a vote of no confidence saying a vote of no confidence can only be passed for an individual in a given position who fails to discharge his mandate in that given position.

President Mugabe explained that it is unprocedural to pass a vote of no confidence on the basis of trivial, personal or petty issues.

He said those charged with other offences relating to wrong association or selling out is a punishable offence but is not classified as case warranting a vote of no confidence.

He cited the example of a secretary for information who fails to write minutes or other officials who are found wanting in their portfolios, adding that the party is dealing with many cases relating to votes of no confidence, some of which were unprocedural.

The President said some of the votes of no confidence were passed on the basis of personal grudges.

Cde Mugabe re-visited the subject of war veterans saying many party leaders are war veterans and that they are free to offer advice and solutions within the party and not dictate from outside.

The President took a swipe at some newspapers which claimed that he has vowed to crash the war veterans saying it is not possible because he is also a war veteran and cannot crash himself.

Cde Mugabe took time to thank the youth league for the Million Man March saying they should go another gear up and organise for the success of ZIM ASSET.

He said he is committed to uplifting youths through skills development and development of education and urged them to shun factions.

The President implored party members to stop fights on the social media and called for the closing of ranks within Zanu PF.

He said while disagreements may occur within, there is no need to wash dirty linen in public.

The President also expressed concern at the increasing rate of violent crimes, including rape, where he said government is considering castration.

The consultative assembly meeting is the first one this year and a second should be held later in the year.


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