Thursday, 9 June 2016


President Robert Mugabe says the war veterans association should stick to its mandate of catering for the welfare of all its members  and not to bully the party.

Addressing the 102nd session of the Zanu PF central committee at the party headquarters in Harare this Thursday, President Mugabe said
“Dissident activities cannot be allowed; it ended in December 1987 when Cde Joshua Nkomo and I put our hands together and our hearts together to say never again shall we allow this to happen."
“The Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans was formed to cater for the welfare of our veterans and not to champion the struggle for political change, not to be the boss of the party and never to be the bully of the party, nor the entity to make the choices on who should be and who should not lead; never ever,” said Mugabe.

He added, “We the experienced leaders say no to war veterans doing this, it’s not your function, it’s not your business to talk a lot on who shall succeed the President.”
“The dissidents tried it, they were war veterans and you know what happened. Lots of trouble, lots of fighting, lots of suffering of cause to our people, and these dissents activities cannot be allowed.

“Is it the case that we see another rise of dissident activity?” 
Mugabe went on: “War veterans must know that it is the politics that leads the gun not vice versa as the war veterans are not bosses of the party.
“War veterans are trained cadres who must be disciplined and know the rules of the party to be followed not to decide to appoint as a successor without elections or the people deciding. This is the way dissidents behave.”

He said it is unfair for the war veterans platform to be used to attack people in leadership and to sway the party direction to the war veterans preferred positions and threatening bloodshed if their preferences are not fulfilled. War vets have said they back VP Mnangagwa to take over from Mugabe.

He urged them to respect those appointed by leaders saying the party constitution should be adhered to.

The central committee meeting is the second such this year out of four that are required every year.

Commenting on the cash crisis, the President said bond coins are here to stay until the country has enough reserves to have its own currency.

Cde Mugabe said the bond notes are being introduced to safeguard the few United States dollars that are being generated by the low exports that Zimbabwe is generating.

The issue of the liquidity crunch biting Zimbabwe as a result of externalisation and cash hoarding was under the spotlight at the central committee meeting.

The President stressed the need for the monetary authorities that include the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development and the central bank to explain to the public measures being taken to rectify the situation.

On food availability, the President explained that he will soon undertake provincial visits with the aim of assessing areas where food production projects can be stepped up to ensure food security.

He said the little water available should be used to produce food for households and for exports in order to revive industries.

He said while waiting for the projects to take off, food relief should be distributed to every needy household without discrimination based on party lines.


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