Saturday, 25 June 2016


United Family International Church (UFIC) leader Emmanuel Makandiwa’s last year prophesied the death of Brigadier-General Felix Muchemwa who was buried at the National Heroes Acre in Harare last week.

In a YouTube video seen by the Daily News, the charismatic preacher prophesied twice in two days that Muchemwa would die despite efforts to airlift him to a Middle Eastern country to try and resuscitate him. Muchemwa died in Egypt two weeks ago.

Makandiwa delivered the prophecy on August 18, last year in Chitungwiza during one of his church services and followed it up with another prophecy on the same issue four days later at the church’s discipleship class.

The video shows him saying this on August 18, 2015: “I am seeing a prominent person being moved from one place to another and it’s in the sky . . . and there’s need for oxygen so that they can try to resuscitate the person . . .”

Makandiwa then unpacked the prophecy four days later, giving more details, describing the manner in which the late hero was to die.

“I know the person I am talking about and I know the exact time it will happen. I have tried to pray about it but I cannot see light.

“What can only happen is for it to be delayed and it would end up happening in a different place, no longer up there but down here, M. East” said Makandiwa in reference to the Middle East where the late brigadier-General passed away.

Makandiwa is seen in the video counting from one to twelve, an indication that he was referring to the 12th, the date on which the Brigadier-General died.

“The man I saw was like divided into two; one side was putting on white with the hand holding an injection. The other side was wearing a camouflage with the hand holding an AK47,” Makandiwa said in reference to the late hero’s life as a medical doctor and a military man.

Makandiwa also talks of the brigadier’s age at the time of his death.
“I saw him climbing a ladder and when he got to the 70th step, every step after that was now very fragile...”

Muchemwa was 71 at the time of his death.
In the video, Makandiwa goes on to state the initials of the concerned as F. Mu...

The wife of the late Brigadier-General told State media that her husband had suffered heart attacks (Cardio-respiratory attacks) and had been resuscitated twice but could not make it.
This seems to confirm the need for oxygen that Makandiwa had made reference to during the prophecy.

The prophecy comes hot on heels of other prophecies that the popular prophet has made in the past which include, the Heathrow Airport prophecy, Zambia Xenophobic attacks, The Cyril Ramaphosa prophecy and many more that the church’s TV channel, Christ TV has been playing of late and are also seen on social media, especially You Tube.


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