Wednesday, 22 June 2016


Zanu PF says acting Harare Mayor Chris Mbanga should join the party if the MDC-T continues to harass him.
The party’s Harare provincial political commissar Shadreck Mashayamombe said the ruling party was following closely developments at Town House and worried by the suspension of Mbanga by the MDC-T for allegedly defying party orders and working closely with Local Government Minister Saviour Kasukuwere. 

“l want to differ with the MDC-T on suspending Mbanga. He is doing his duties as enshrined in the constitution. For them to say he has done A, B, C and must be suspended from the MDC-T l think they are not respecting the office of the acting Mayor,” Mashayamombe said.

“As Zanu PF if they reject those guys, we are calling them to come and join Zanu PF because we want people. We are a people’s party. Tough luck MDC, they were expecting to do what they want but the minister is empowered not to allow the chaos to continue. Our minister is spot on and should keep an eye on city of Harare. We want it to perform,” he said.

He said the Town Clerk, James Mushore was not wanted at Town House and must leave.
Cross told journalists in Harare that Mbanga must face the music.

“What is happening is one individual here who has gone rogue. Let me tell you how sad it is, he is an old friend of mine, he was chief of staff for the PM during the inclusive government…”

He said Mbanga had committed “gross violations of party instructions.”
Mbanga told ZiFM Stereo News that he was doing his job and there was no way councillors can operate without the Local Government Minister.

“If my party can't associate with minister, we can as well go operate from Harvest House," Mbanga said while insisting that those baying for his blood did not understand issues.
Chaos has been the order of the day at Town House over the appointment of Mushore to the position of Town Clerk, replacing Tendai Mahachi who was retired last November.
Mayor Bernard Manyenyeni was suspended for the second time and has since taken Minister Kasukuwere to court.


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