Sunday, 12 June 2016


I feel terrible for what I did to my daughter in-law. I am a mother of a son and two daughters. My son is the eldest, the one who married the woman I am talking about.

From the onset I never approved of their marriage because I wanted him to marry another girl whom he had impregnated.

I treated his choice kunge nhapwa. Once my son complained that I was being cruel and unreasonable. I influenced my two daughters and they would take turns to make her feel miserable. My husband used to complain but I fabricated stories against muroora until baba lost interest in her.

She never retaliated — but she would cry. Nobody from my muroora’s side ever complained.

I wanted my son to join the bandwagon and kick her out and then marry the girl I loved.

When I told my son that I no longer wanted his wife at my premises, all he said was sending his wife away was sending him away too.

My son and my muroora have left. They have been gone for two years and we do not communicate. They only communicate with baba. My son does not even speak to his sisters.

Ndakatadza Mai Chisamba. I miss my son and his family and I feel guilty. I have lost everything.

They are now blessed with a son and only baba has seen the child. The first girl I wanted him to marry has cut all communications. Rumour has it she is getting married.

How do I go about this, please help? I tried to engage my husband but he says nguva yacho yakatopera.


One of the best traits is to take responsibility when you are wrong and to make things right.

Moyo muti unomera paunoda. Love comes from within and it is in the eyes of the beholder. Other people cannot do much to change this. Mothers were known as the backbones of families but now some have become the opposite.

I receive hundreds of letters and most of them are about people complaining about how others have wronged them. Yet here you are seeking to atone for your bad deeds.

It is wrong to ill-treat other people, it is against God’s will. Remember the good book says “do unto others as you would have them do unto you”.

You crossed the line. You are your children’s role model. Amai chaivo vanopesva vana vavo kuti vatambudze muroora? That is way off line. You even lied to your husband, what a wife! What do all these people think of you?

People from muroora’s side may not have verbally complained but do not take them for fools.

Vasikana musadaro kani. Hatidi kudzokera shure kuti mhandu yemukadzi mukadzi. I advise you to apologise and retract all your lies.

You have wronged the whole family, including your daughters whom you influenced to work against muroora. Only the truth can set you free.

You have not seen muzukuru yet because of this, what a shame. Nhapwa is a very strong word and to treat a family member as such is very untoward.

Talk and pray about this and it shall be well. At least you have shown that you have a conscience, which is commendable. I wish you all the best.



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