Wednesday, 1 June 2016


SUSPENDED Harare mayor Bernard Manyenyeni is set to bounce back at Town House, as the 45 days given to government to establish a tribunal to probe him have almost expired, NewsDay has heard.

Manyenyeni said the High Court judgment, which dismissed his application challenging suspension, stated that Local Government minister Saviour Kasukuwere had 45 days to set up a tribunal to investigate him.

“The ruling was very clear; it states that a tribunal should be established within 45-days from the day I was suspended — the law is very clear on how such a tribunal is set up. It has to be established by an Act of Parliament. Otherwise, there is no law at the moment to set up such a tribunal,” he said.

The 45 days are set to expire on Sunday. Manyenyeni was suspended in April on allegations of disobeying Kasukuwere’s directive not to appoint ex-banker James Mushore as town clerk.

Mayors and councillors can now only be removed from office by a tribunal, but the enabling legislation is yet to be aligned with the new Constitution.

Kasukuwere yesterday said he was out of the country on government business. Acting mayor, Chris Mbanga is yet to write to Mushore telling him to stop reporting for duty, thereby, exposing the local authority to a salary liability.

Council insiders told NewsDay that Mushore was now owed two months’ salary.

Councillor Paula Macharangwanda, who is the acting mayor, as Mbanga is reportedly away, said: “I have no comment to make on that. It is beyond my duties as the acting mayor, as you know the real acting mayor is not here. I have just assumed the role today.” newsday


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