Friday, 17 June 2016


A man pictured in army uniforms is being sought after by the Zimbabwe Republic Police for sexually abusing two minor girls. 

Pornographic images of the girls being abused are doing the rounds on social media platforms. The girls are believed to be under the age of ten. 

Head of the Victim Friendly Unit, Senior Assistant Commissioner, Isabella Sergio told ZiFM Stereo News that anyone with information about the supposed army officer or the young girls should report to the nearest police station.

“We have since received the pictures in question and investigations are in progress. We are appealing to members of the public to come forward if they can positively identify these children,” Senior Assistant Commissioner, Sergio said. 

“At the moment we don’t know whether he is an army officer or not, it’s still speculation.
We are saying if members of the public come across things like this, they should bring them to the attention of the police before speculating because this can be damaging to the parents of the children or the children themselves.”


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