Friday, 17 June 2016


Police in Zimbabwe’s Masvingo town have declined to give political activists and church leaders permission to stage a protest tomorrow against President Robert Mugabe’s alleged failure to properly run the country and the current social and economic problems affecting millions of people.

But the organisers of the protest say they are going ahead with the public march, a move that is set to pit the police with agitated local people.

A letter written to the conveners of the protest, signed by the acting Officer Commanding Police in Masvingo District, Superintendent Philip Ncube, states that the demonstration has not been granted by the police.

In the letter, Superintendent Ncube said, without giving specific reasons, that the peaceful procession was not granted in terms of Section 26 of the Public Order and Security Act.
This section of the constitution relates to consultations, negotiations, amendment of notices, and conditions with respect to processions, public demonstrations and public meetings to avoid public disorder.

Section 26, Sub-section 3 clearly stipulates that a gathering cannot be sanctioned by the police if a regulating authority receives credible information on oath that there is a threat that a proposed procession, public demonstration or public meeting will result in serious disruption of vehicular or pedestrian traffic, injury to participants in the procession, public demonstration or public meeting or other persons, or extensive damage to property or other public disorder. voa


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