Thursday, 9 June 2016


Missing Itai Dzamara's brother, Patson has seized control of proceedings of the #16DaysOccupation in Harare.

He admitted that the campaign had been rocked by squabbles. “Any movement in its beginning stages goes through a learning process as it grows and we’ve settled into the roles that come naturally to us,” he said in a statement.

“In the course of this have arisen internal issues of discipline which we have now dealt with. As a result we wish to make it clear that one Lynette Tendayi Mudehwe is no longer part of the occupation.

“Her comments and statements should not be construed as representing us. For any correspondence please approach Cdes Linda Tsungirirayi Masarira and Patson Dzamara.” However, Mudehwe said she could not be excluded from proceedings.

She said: “We as the Zimbabwe Activists Alliance came up with this initiative and when we started we invited Zimbabwe Women in Politics Alliance, we invited Zinasu as well as the Occupy Africa Unity Square Movement. How then does someone want to banish or evict us from an occupation that we started? Can you evict a person from themselves?”

She also professed ignorance over the statement issued by Dzamara, slating him for hijacking the campaign. 

“This occupation is bigger than any individual as it is about a cause. We will not allow divisive elements and power struggles to divert us from our cause. If they have another agenda, they are free to carry it out but we are in the square and will remain in the square.

“I’ve not spoken to Dzamara . . . In a situation where you have people who are leaders in organisations with different causes there are bound to be leadership struggles and personal clashes which I think this is,” Mudehwe said.


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