Friday, 20 May 2016


ENVIRONMENT minister Oppah Muchinguri says the issue of quail bird breeding has united Zimbabweans, who are overwhelmingly against the ban.

Responding to a question in the National Assembly by Harare Central MP Murisi Zvizwai (MDC-T) on her recent directive to ban the breeding of the birds last month, Muchinguri on Wednesday said domestication of the quails was still allowed.

“I am happy that the issue of quails has united the country with people discussing it on social media and enjoying the jokes,” she said.

“There are tame and wild quails. People are encouraged to keep the tame ones because that falls under the Agriculture ministry. People cannot go to game parks hunting for wild quails or their eggs and those are the ones banned.”

Muchinguri said some people were even bitten by snakes, while others were mauled by wild animals looking for wild quails resulting in her ministry considering their ban.

“Wild quails cannot be tamed because they refuse feeds until they die. Why is it that the some people, who try to tame wild quails have never tamed buffalo, eland or kudu?” she queried.

Meanwhile, Muchinguri revealed that the Environmental Management Agency (EMA) collected nearly $42 million in revenue from 2013 to 2015.

“EMA collected $41 754 289 from 2013 to 2015 and the money was used for awareness raising and environmental commemorations such as World Wetlands Day, Africa Environment Day, National Fire Week, World Environment Day and Clean Up Zimbabwe Campaign with a budget of $360 000,” she said in response to a question by MDC- T Proportional Representation MP Nicola Watson. newsday


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