Monday, 2 May 2016


Live updates by The Herald
1341: He says Government concerned with liquidity crunch but is addressing the problem through Treasury and RBZ. VP Mnangagwa says corruption must be uprooted and culprits face the music regardless of their status in society.

1339: VP Mnangagwa says Government acknowledges that workers have gone for months without salaries but implores all stakeholders to address the challenge.
1338: He says Government wants employers to remit statutory payments to NSSA, Zimra etc

1337: VP Mnangagwa says housing has been a challenge for low income earners because of high interest rates by financial institutions. For that reason, VP Mnangagwa says Government intends to establish a building society to cater for low income earners.

1335: He says it is discouraging that some companies discriminate workers who are HIV positive. He says this is in violation of the Constitution.
1333: VP Mnangagwa says the labour sector must remain alive to health and safety regulations which must never be compromised.

1332: VP Mnangagwa says Government places a lot of emphasis on training and research. He implores workers to take advantage of training and research being sponsored by enterprises

 1330: VP Mnangagwa says there is renewed interest by investors to invest in Zimbabwe. He says even as Government attracts investors it will prioritise Zimbabweans’ interests.
1329: He said Government also committed to addressing the plight of workers who were affected by the July 17 Supreme Court ruling. VP Mnangagwa says Government has so far availed $5 million towards empowerment of affected workers through Sedco. He commends ILO for standing with Zimbabwe. He says Government looks forward to continued support from ILO.

1325: He says the Supreme Court ruling of July 17, 2015 prompted Government to further amend the Labour Act.
1325: He says Government has over the years come up with amendments of legislation that infringed on workers rights. ”Vacation and maternity leave” became a right for all workers.
Government and all stakeholders in the labour sector have responded to all needs through amendments to the Labour Act.

1321: VP Mnangagwa says President Mugabe in his State of the Nation Address enunciated the 10-point plan which set the tone for harmonisation of labour laws
1321: He says in 2013 Government adopted the Constitution and the ZimAsset
1320: “United we shall succeed,” says VP Mnangagwa
1320: He says over the years workers have struggled but Government congratulates workers for remaining committed to work for the country.

1319: VP Mnangagwa says workers were not spared the pain as they went without adequate food, school fees and other challenges.
1319: He says Workers Day was founded by the UN and Zimbabwe honours it religiously. Zimbabwe joins the rest of the progressive world in commemorating Workers Day. He says Government has for the past 16 years endured the burdens and pains caused by sanctions imposed on the country.

1316: Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa who is the Guest of Honour takes to the podium.

1312: Minister Mupfumira says Government committed to implementation of the civil service audit in consultation with workers.
1300: Zimbabwe Energy Workers Unions representatives calls on Government to take control of workers union. She says workers in the energy sector have gone for seven months without salaries

1254: He calls on Government to appoint mayor and town clerk for Harare. Mr Bungu says workers will support Government he says they want leaders with people at heart.
1252: Workers ululate as their representatives give solidarity messages.  Harare Municipal Workers Union representative, Mr Cosmas Bungu says Harare City Council must improve service delivery.  He says Harare Council workers have gone for six months without salaries.  Mr Bungu says workers treatment reflected what Zimbabweans were subjected to during the colonial era. He raps suspended Harare City Council Mayor Bernard Manyenyeni and describes him as an evil man who did not want to listen to workers concerns.  Mr Bungu thanks Local Government Minister Saviour Kasukuwere for suspending Mayor Manyenyeni.
1228: Suluman Chimbetu and Dendera Kings providing entertainment pelting such popular hits as Batai Munhu
1220: Mrs Alexander say they trust President Mugabe’s promise because he is a man of his word.

1219: She thanks President Mugabe for protecting their right to bonuses and also welcomes President Mugabe’s pronouncement at the Independence celebrations that Government will endeavour to meet the Poverty Datum Line

1218: She says she is disappointed with Government implementation of the Civil Service audit as it did not consult with the workers. As such, Mrs Alexander says there are a lot of irregularities in the audit report. Mrs Alexander says there has been colonial type of harassment of civil servants particularly teachers by education inspectors.

1215: Apex Council chairperson, Mrs Cecilia Alexander hails Government for initiating the joint workers day commemorations.  She says on the National Joint Negotiating Forum, Government imposes its decisions on workers. Mrs Alexander says they want housing programmes for workers.

1213: Zimbabwe Federation of Trade Unions representatives calls on the Government to sincerely fight corruption. The representative says there is corruption in both private and public institutions and adds employees must benefit from Employee Share Ownership
1210: Time for solidarity messages. A representative of the International Labour Organisation urges Government to prioritise workers saying they shouldn’t sacrifice workers for temporary benefits.

1205: Some of the Ministers here include Priscah Mupfumira, Saviour Kasukuwere, Miriam Chikukwa and Tapuwa Matangaidze.


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