Wednesday, 4 May 2016


A 15-YEAR-OLD girl has told a court that her sister drugged and assisted her husband to rape her while she was unconscious so that she could have a baby for the couple as her sibling was failing to conceive.
The sister, who is 35-years-old and her husband aged 30, both of whom cannot be named to protect the identity of their alleged victim, have been married for the past eight years but are struggling to have a baby.

This was heard during the initial appearance of the couple before Gweru regional magistrate, Morgan Nemadire, facing rape charges. The teenager’s sister is facing an additional assault charge.

The couple pleaded not guilty to the charges and were remanded in custody to May 10.
Prosecuting, Andrew Marimo told the court that in January last year, her sister’s husband asked for sex from her but she refused and he forced himself on her.

“On the second count, the accused intended to rape the complainant and his wife (accused number 2) assisted by giving the complainant a drink laced with drugs. When she was unconscious, the accused number 1 (the husband) with his wife’s blessing raped her again to get her pregnant,” said Marimo.

The court heard that between March and August last year, the girl was alone at home with her sister’s husband. Marimo said he against asked to have sex with her and she turned him down, but he caressed her and raped her once without her consent.

“On the fourth count, the complainant was with the accused before they agreed to have sexual intercourse. While in the middle of it, they heard the gate being opened and they both went out of the bedroom but were seen by the accused number 2 (her sister) who then bashed the complainant,” said Marimo.

He said the matter came to light after the complaint showed up at school with a swollen hand.

The court heard that her teacher took her to hospital for medical attention where it was revealed that she was being raped with her sister’s consent. chronicle


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