Wednesday, 11 May 2016


A HARARE woman yesterday approached the Civil Court seeking a protection order, while also pleading with the court to evict her husband from their matrimonial home, saying she was tired of consistently getting treated of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) she contracted from her promiscuous husband.

Diana Nyamukasa made the application seeking an order against Steward Chitate, whom she accused of having been promiscuous throughout the couple’s nine-year cohabitation period.
The court heard the two started cohabiting in 2007, but were always having fights over Chitate’s promiscuity.
“Since I started staying with him as my husband he has been infecting me with STIs time and again and I am tired of paying medical bills,” Nyamukasa said.
Nyamukasa informed the court that she recently told Chitate she no longer loved him and should leave her house, but Chitate was forcibly staying without assisting her financially.
“He tells me that he intends to live off me because I am his prostitute,” Nyamukasa said.
In his response, Chitate counter-accused Nyamukasa of bringing STIs into their home.
“I am not the one who infected her with STIs because I don’t feel any pain on my private parts,” he said.
The court further heard that the couple’s problems began recently when Nyamukasa started sleeping on the floor saying she was performing some spiritual rituals.
“The reason she came to court today is because I confronted her on why she no longer wanted to share the bed with me saying she had been told to do so at church,” Chitate said.
The presiding magistrate, Barbara Mateko, granted the protection order in Nyamukasa’s favour and advised her to seek legal advice on how to evict Chitate. newsday


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