Wednesday, 25 May 2016


PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe and Zanu PF must deliver on the 2013 election promise to create 2,2 million jobs, a ruling party activist, Fidelis Fengu, has said.

Fengu used his Facebook account to uncharacteristically throw a tantrum at Mugabe and his lieutenants.

He admitted the on-going social media campaign #ThisFlag was a clear manifestation of the people’s anger against Mugabe’s regime.

“I put it to you that the emotional posts on social media under the #ThisFlag campaign are a reflection of the people’s mood on the ground. These are real people, who had expectations when they voted in 2013. They had dreams of a better Zimbabwe, as described by the Zanu PF manifesto,” Fengu wrote, adding Zimbabweans were now wishing the Government of National Unity (GNU) of Zanu PF, MDC-T and MDC had continued.

“Three years down the line, people wish they still had a GNU, the economic situation has worsened, and Zanu PF hasn’t reported back on its campaign promises to the people.”

As part of his election promise, Mugabe said he would turn around the economy and create more than 2 million jobs, but Zimbabwe continues to shed jobs.

Fengu said the only way out for Zimbabwe was for Zanu PF to reform.

“Our leaders are now too comfortable; they bask in the glory of Gushungo (Mugabe) and the First Lady (Grace Mugabe) and do not do anything to fulfil promises for a better Zimbabwe

“The supporters bask in the glory of mashef (leaders), they speak out against what is wrong, they fear being in the wrong basket (faction). They say pasi na. . . (down with . . .) (MDC-T leader, Morgan) Tsvangirai, yet they should be saying down with you our leaders for not implementing what you promised the people,” he said.

Fengu said Mugabe should not continue blaming Tsvangirai and the West for the country’s economic problems.

“Let us stop blaming sanctions, stop blaming Tsvangirai or America or Britain, the people did not elect us to give excuses, but they elected us to deliver our promises.”

Fengu said Zanu PF had refused to pay heed to solutions to the country’s problems, and “our government and party systems are obsolete and very backward, we can afford Range Rovers, but cannot afford equipment to improve service delivery”.

He said Mugabe and his leadership had lost direction and now spent time fighting for political power, as the succession battle continues.

“Zanu PF has problems and these problems have affected policymaking and implementation and have brought problems to the masses that we are meant to serve,” he said. Last week, then Zanu PF provincial youth secretary for environment, Acie Lumumba quit the party over “corruption”, saying: “I cannot continue like this, being part of a system that is destroying its children.”


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