Saturday, 21 May 2016


President Robert Mugabe has taken to the skies yet again, this time to pick up his first grandson.

His wife, Grace and daughter, Bona, have been in Singapore for months. Bona snubbed local hospitals to give birth in Singapore. Their stay has been funded by a broke government failing to pay its workers or feed the hungry.

President Mugabe passed through Harare before heading off to Singapore with a large entourage of relatives and this bill will be met by the government.

Meanwhile the Mugabes are expected home on Monday. The Chief Secretary to the President and Cabinet, Dr Misheck Sibanda has said that the Cabinet sitting which was scheduled for Thursday the 26th of May 2016 will now take place on Tuesday the 24th of May  at the usual time and venue.
When Cabinet dates are moved this usually means that President Mugabe is taking to the skies again.


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