Monday, 2 May 2016


Provincial Affairs Minister for Manicaland Province Cde Mandi Chimene last week dismissed claims of political violence in Chiendambuya area that were made by Renewal Democrats of Zimbabwe leader Mr Elton Mangoma.

 Mr Mangoma claimed that seven homesteads belonging to supporters of his political party were razed by suspected Zanu-PF supporters in a case of politically related disturbances.
Mr Mangoma, a former MDC-T legislator for Makoni North, visited the area on Wednesday ostensibly to assess the damage. But in an interview, Cde Chimene said no such reports were recorded in the province.

“If at all it happened, it must have been a case of family squabbles that has nothing to do with politics. I am in Manicaland right now. I did not go to the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair meaning if such incidents had occurred I would have been briefed about it,” said Cde Chimene.

She said Zanu-PF had zero tolerance on political violence.
“I have not received such a report. As minister responsible for this province I would have received such a report if it had happened.

“What it means is that no such an incident took place. At the very least, it could be one of squabbles among families being blown out of proportion, that is if at all it took place,” she said. herald


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