Monday, 9 May 2016


MINES minister Walter Chidakwa has rubbished assertions that the discovery of minerals along the Zambezi Valley was a fulfillment of a prophecy made by United Family International Church leader Emmanuel Makandiwa, sometime last year.

Makandiwa last August, reportedly told his followers at the church’s Judgment Night 3 at the National Sports Stadium that he had prophesied huge oil deposits that would turn around the country’s economic fortunes overnight

“I saw our fathers following a very big river and from the skies I looked down and I saw them looking for something here, looking for something there. But they were following a very big river,” Makandiwa reportedly said then.

“…when I was taken to the place I saw the sons of the fathers mining in a different place. I saw a generation maybe that’s not your generation, maybe it is the next generation, maybe it is our sons.”

But Chidakwa told NewsDay on Friday that the discovery of the gold and platinum deposits along the Zambezi Valley had nothing to do with Makandiwa’s prophecy.

Speaking on the sidelines of a Zanu PF rally at Chikangwe Stadium, Karoi, of his take on Makandiwa’s prophecy that there were mineral deposits along the Zambezi Valley which would be like manna from Heaven for the children of Zimbabwe in the same way God provided manna to the children of Israel in the desert, Chidakwa said: “If there are people given those powers, then it becomes difficult for us who are not given those special powers to accept their decision without using the normal processes of scientific research and, therefore, it makes much more sense from our perspective.”

He added: “I’m not here to disparage what the prophets might have said, but I’m saying that our only way of speaking to Zimbabweans is through the geological way of looking at things. That is the basis on which we accept.”

Chidakwa said the mineral deposits discovered at the Gatshe Gatshe River mouth had accumulated over the years from the Great Dyke into the Zambezi Valley escapement. He said gold and diamond deposits had also been swept by the Save River into Mozambique, adding there was sufficient scientific and historic evidence to prove his claims. newsday



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