Wednesday, 18 May 2016


A Chiredzi man has fled home after he was caught pants down trying to bed his son's wife whom he had pestered for a long time with his advances.

The incident took place in Ward 21 where Henry Batsirai fled after his son trapped him and caught him red-handed.
Batsirai had persistently asked for sexual favours from Miriam Muchokoti, wife to his son Abraham Batsirai.

After she could not bear her father-in-law's irritating advances, Muchokoti reported him to her husband who initially could not believe her.

Muchokoti and her husband then agreed to set a trap, with Muchokoti agreeing to pretend to accept Batsirai's love proposal and wait for the next move.

A close source told TellZim News that on the fateful day, Batsirai followed Muchokoti into the veld where she was going to herd cattle.

Unbeknown to Batsirai, Muchokoti's husband was discreetly following them from a distance.
Batsirai then started asking for sex from his daughter-in-law who pretended to agree.

Her husband then emerged from nowhere to find his father stark naked, ready to have sex with Muchokoto.
After realising that he had been caught, Batsirai ran away in his birthday suit and has not been seen since then. Tellzimbabwe


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