Monday, 9 May 2016


PROPHETIC Healing and Deliverance Ministries leader Prophet Walter Magaya has urged Zimbabweans to remain focused saying the country will overcome the prevailing economic challenges.

He said the current challenges were not new since the country has once gone through a bad patch before, but managed to survive.

Prophet Magaya said this while fielding questions from journalists last Friday, on the sidelines of his church’s crusade dubbed “Miracle Night”, at his Waterfalls base where thousands of people attended.

“Hope is there. There is always a way. You shall see. The same time next year I will be asking you what did I say? God will always create a way. Look at what happened in the past years. God created ways and we have survived over the past years,” said Prophet Magaya.
He said hardships in some instances were meant to create a window for miracles to happen. “In tough times, it is an opportunity for miracles. You can only identify a miracle where there are tough times,” Prophet Magaya said.

He said other renowned prophets have made the same predictions that this year was fruitful.
“Look, almost all the prophets said the same thing. (United Family International Church leader) Prophet (Emmanuel) Makandiwa prophesied on the issue of overflow, we (as PHD) are saying the same thing of overflow and abundance, my father (TB Joshua) also said this year is a year of reward. So it is about following the Word. In Christ there are many opportunities,” said Prophet Magaya.

Commenting on prospects of conducting a church service together with Prophet Makandiwa, Prophet Magaya said while they had discussed several issues they had not substantively discussed on the subject, but was keen to share a stage with the UFIC leader.

“We have not discussed that, but we have a lot that we have discussed in goodwill and in good terms. We have not really gone into that. He has a busy schedule and I have my own busy schedule. But it would be nice, I would not mind for that event to happen, but I cannot say when,” said Prophet Magaya.

“He does not have an obligation to visit my church. I went to his church, he will visit ours at the correct time. I love him, I respect him, he has shown us the way, we are all respected here as prophets,” he said.

Asked why the “madman” in Rusape that he healed last year was not staying in the new house bought for him by the church, Prophet Magaya said the man, Garikayi Zindi, was no longer comfortable staying in the town.

“He is fine. His only complaint is that I do not want to go to Rusape. Please sell the house in Rusape and buy me a house close to the church. One reason is that there are no relatives of his in Rusape, he was staying there as a ‘mad man’ so he says it reminds me of my memories so he wants a separate place. That is his main reason. He wants to stay close to the church. He is afraid that he can be attacked again by evil spirits,” said Prophet Magaya.

Asked how the church responded to that, Prophet Magaya said: “We are still looking into it, we are calm, we are not in a hurry, why should we hurry? It’s our ministry, it’s our pace, so at the right time we shall move and do it according to what we want. We are not doing it to satisfy anyone.” herald


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