Tuesday, 10 May 2016


MDC-T Harare councillors have reportedly rebelled against their leadership and are set to defy the opposition party directive to rescind a resolution they made last Thursday to send town clerk Mr James Mushore on forced leave without benefits. Mr Mushore was sent packing barely a month after his appointment by the same councillors. The former NMB chief executive was appointed without following laid down procedures.

Government rescinded the appointment of Mr Mushore soon after a council meeting that announced his appointment, arguing that council flouted procedures of appointing a town clerk as outlined in the Urban Councils Act and the Local Government Board and some residents associations rushed to the High Court to contest the decision.
The MDC-T ordered its councillors to reverse their decision and allow Mr Mushore to come back to work, failure of which they face unspecified action, although the court is still to rule on the matter.

They were made to sign affidavits at Harvest House on Thursday confirming that they will adhere to the party position, but the councillors felt otherwise.

Councillors who spoke to The Herald said they would not risk the wrath of Local Government, Public Works and National Housing Minister Saviour Kasukuwere, as they were family men who needed to fend for their families. herald


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