Tuesday, 10 May 2016


A BULAWAYO councillor has accused prostitutes of vandalising street lights to create darkness that favoured their flesh-peddling trade.

Councillor for Ward One Mlandu Ncube said he had facilitated installation of street lights along Connaught Avenue but they were vandalised shortly afterwards. He said residents accused prostitutes but he did not believe them until he caught some of them red handed.

“After the lights were replaced I decided to carry out my own investigations. I found them (hookers) hitting the lights. Apparently they want the area to remain dark so that when potential clients flash them with car headlights, they look attractive,” he said.

Clr Ncube said initially, when street lights along Connaught Avenue were being replaced at an “alarming rate,” it was thought council workers were failing to fit them properly.
“We installed street lights along Connaught Avenue. Two days later they were vandalised. So when I approached the residents regarding the Connaught lights they told me that they woke up to find the lights destroyed, the fluorescents were targeted,” said Clr Ncube.

“At first we thought council workers had failed to fit the lights resulting in them falling off. One day, a resident approached me saying women who sell their bodies along the avenue were destroying the lights.”

He said prostitutes should consider that by destroying the lights they were putting themselves and other residents in danger.

“Destroying the light has far-reaching consequences for society. They might be destroying the lights to accommodate themselves but it’s dangerous for them as well. Remember you’re in business and they’re others such as thieves who are also in business. The thieves may mug users of the road,” said Clr Ncube.

He said residents should be responsible and protect the city’s infrastructure, as ultimately they paid for its replacement through rates.


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