Friday, 6 May 2016


HARARE City Council has sent town clerk Mr James Mushore on forced leave without benefits, a month after his controversial appointment.

 The former NMB chief executive was appointed without following laid down procedures.
Government rescinded the appointment saying council violated the Urban Councils Act.
His appointment was also not approved by the Local Government Board.

Some residents’ associations then approached the High Court arguing that Local Government, Public Works and National Housing Minister Saviour Kasukuwere did not have the power to rescind the decision in terms of the new Constitution.

The associations claimed the minister was only supposed to be notified of the appointment.
The matter is still pending before the court. Councillors convened a special council meeting yesterday and resolved to send Mr Mushore on forced leave. The special council meeting was cleared by the High Court.

This was after some residents associations sought to bar council from holding the meeting.
The media was not allowed in the special council meeting with Acting Mayor Christopher Mbanga saying they were discussing a human resources matter.
After the meeting city’s spokesperson Mr Michael Chideme said: “The council’s position is that the town clerk has been asked not to report for duty until all matters before the courts are dealt with.”

Mushore reported for duty yesterday. He said he was surprised by the decision.
“Asking me to go on leave recognizes my employment. They recognize that I have a contract, then asking me to go on leave I hope they have proper reasons because we must proceed in a lawful manner. Once I receive communication from them then I will know my position,” he said.

“It seems there are certain people who do not want things fixed. Harare is for all Zimbabweans regardless of their political persuasion. I am bewildered and disappointed that there are people out there who do not want to see progress and considering that councillors represent the people of Harare I find that disappointing.”

He said he was concerned with the hype surrounding his employment as he was qualified and competent for the post. Mr Mushore said he had a contract with the city which he will honour.

He warned the city of a legal battle if it terminates his contract of employment without following proper procedures. He denied his case was political. “I have no issues with the Minister (Kasukuwere). If he has issues with me he must tell me,” said Mr Mushore.
He said he was related to the late General Solomon Mujuru but was not affiliated to any political party.

Minister Kasukuwere warned the city that the appointment of Mr Mushore was illegal but council still gave him the job. This saw Harare Mayor Clr Bernard Manyenyeni being suspended. herald


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